Back to Biei, Hokkaido after 8 years…

The first time I visited Hokkaido was summer 2007…  That was the first time we traveled with three generations in my family, my parents, my uncle, my sisters’ family, my cousins and all our kids.  What a group!

I visited Hokkaido last week with my two friends…  We stayed in Biei the first night.  We drove thru the patchwork roads where we visited in 2007.  There are some difference, but not much.

Ken & Mary 2007
With Ken & Mary Tree in 2007
Ken & Mary
Ken & Mary Tree in 2015

We stayed in the Pension Ken and Mary just across the road of the tree.

Not far away from Ken & Mary Tree, we saw the Seven Stars Tree…

Then we found the Parent & Child Tree, the three trees that stay together for years no matter how tough the weather would be, just like parents taking care of their kid days and nights, years after years…

All these beautiful patchwork roads brought me a lot of memories…  My Dad passed away in 2009.  I was glad that we made the trip in 2007 so that he could enjoy the wonderful scenery together with all of us, his beloved family.  I miss you Dad…

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