What happened today 26 years ago…

I was in Houston, Texas today 26 years ago staying in my sister’s home.  My younger sister in Hong Kong called and told us that the tanks were marching to the Tiananmen Square and many people were killed… I just could not believe that this was true because I thought China should be going towards the right direction and I was wrong…

After 26 years, the Chinese Government still do not admit what they did…  They are trying to cover it up as much as possible so that people will forget this piece of history. Fortunately, there were quite a lot of foreign journalists still staying in Beijing right after the visit of Gorbachev.  News were spread out all over the world in minutes.

My sister bought me this booklet when I came back to Hong Kong weeks later…  I don’t know when the Chinese Government can face the truth of the history.  But I really hope this type of massacre will not happen in China and/or any other part of the world!

June 4

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