Early Retirement Plan… Enjoy Life Earlier

My retirement plan was developed end of 2005…  Why that early?  In the good old days, statistics told us most retirees passed away around two years after retirement in our company.  Isn’t it scary?  I want to enjoy life after retirement, so I need to plan earlier…

The first thing I want to do was to go back to school to continue my painting class that I did not have chance to finish when I was young.  I did…  I completed my first formal Chinese Painting diploma course in 2009 and these are some of my work in our Graduation Exhibition in April 2010… 🙂

Enjoying Life
Enjoying Life – My Dad
Foggy Yellow Mountain
Foggy Yellow Mountain
Walking on the Moon
Walking on the Moon





7 thoughts on “Early Retirement Plan… Enjoy Life Earlier

  1. Well done – it is good to have something like that to do when you retire. I have had my garden most of the year, but it is not much use in the winter.
    I love your Foggy Yellow Mountain picture.

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