Challenge in November 2014…

Time flies…  The challenge in Photography 101 ends.  Thanks for all the comments, advice, likes, and engagement…  To wrap up, would like to put those liked most together again in one shot!


3 thoughts on “Challenge in November 2014…

  1. Thank you for the photos – I had missed your earlier entries so was glad to see them. It was a close call with the double butterflies, but I think my favourite has to be the Northern Lights shot. It is one of my ambitions to see it properly. It does occur sometimes where I live in Scotland, but we live near the city lights so you would have to go into the country to see it properly. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photography.

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  2. Thanks for going thru my entries… I do like the Northern Lights most. The photo is not the best but the experience of capturing this shocking moment is unforgettable…😊


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